Czech crystal a touch of luxury

Crystal tableware appeared in ancient times and became an obligatory decoration of the festive table. In noble families, all dishes were made of this material. It showed the luxury and possibilities of the family.
The popularity grew due to the purity of the material and its noble sound.
Crystal reveals the rich taste of drinks and allows you to enjoy the subtlety and elegance of the piece.чешский хрусталь купить

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The products are made in the Czech province of Bohemia. Czech glassware is distinguished by its beauty and transparency. Production of the material began hundreds of years ago.
Among the advantages of products: the absence of stains, increased durability, the beauty of the product.
The Czech Republic still uses the old technology of production. This allows not to decrease the rate of production and not to lose the former attractiveness of the brand.
Types of processing Czech crystal:

  1. Grinding. The process is done by hand, which adds charm to the dishes.
  2. Smooth processing.
  3. Decorating with color. Contains patterns to match the artist’s painting.

Like tableware made from other materials, Czech crystal includes several varieties for different purposes.

These include:

  • vases,
  • glasses,
  • shot glasses,
  • pitchers,
  • creamers,
  • salad bowls,
  • candy holders,
  • candle holders,
  • ashtrays,
  • liquor sets and tea couples.

The advantage of this tableware is its exceptional beauty and durability. Over time, this material is only gaining popularity. A significant disadvantage is the price, which is not available to everyone.
The elite and high price of the material is due to manual methods of processing. Each product is made by specialists by hand.

Features of crystal goblets

The material was first discovered in England. Supposedly, its creator was George Ravenscroft. It was he who first received permission to manufacture products made of glass.бокалы из чешского хрусталя
Crystal is popular because of its purity and elegance, which can not be said about ordinary glass.
A special manufacturing process involves the firing of raw materials, which increases the strength of dishes. Crystal is loved by jewelers because of one feature. All the facets of crystal contribute to the proper refraction of light. Diamond cutting is used to give the material an appropriate look.
For any occasion and any drink, this glassware has an exceptional design and taste.
Special facets and frosted images are used to decorate the glassware and are applied to the surface of the product.
Often special notches are used to form a pattern on the crystal.
Several types of crystal are popular:

  • lead crystal,
  • barium crystal and Czech crystal,
  • which is considered elite.