Нow to get a lot of views on youtube

Many factors affect the growth of views on YouTube. But what factors should you pay attention to in order to gain more views in 2021? And buy 200 youtube views you can here.

3 main factors for growing views
Of the many factors, we will single out the main ones that will allow your content to gain more views on YouTube in 2020.

  1. Content quality
    Quality content for YouTube
    The fact that it is necessary to publish quality content has been known for a long time. And it is true. If you shoot content for “your viewer”, that is, for your target audience, then such a video will pay off 100% and will benefit your channel and business.

What should you pay attention to here? a) On topical topics of the video and b) analytics of indicators.

Take, for example, an accounting outsourcing company.

a) To collect working themes, pay attention to the following:

Popular requests from viewers. Shoot videos for queries with search reach and low competition that are already actively searching on YouTube. VidIQ to help.
New trends. Shoot what is interesting to your viewer now. Google Trends to help. For example, analysis of the new law on VAT or the abolition of UTII.
Relevance and seasonality. On the eve of the quarterly financial statements, publish a helping video about how to do everything right and avoid penalties from the tax service.
b) Okay, we made a video on the right topic. How now to determine that it is really interesting and of high quality? Look at the indicators! The main ones are:

Audience retention. The ratio of the number of views of each individual moment of the video to the total number of video views. Expressed in average view duration in percent or minutes. A good value is over 60%.
CTR of the video thumbnail (preview). Shows how often users view a video after seeing its icon. In other words, how many times they clicked on the video when they saw it on YouTube. Must be at least 5%. A good value is 10% or more.
Audience retention shows how interesting the video itself is. And the CTR of the icon shows how interesting the topic on which the video was shot is.

  1. Optimization
    YouTube optimization
    YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world. And in order for your videos to be noticed, you need to optimize them for YouTube search algorithms. Of the many settings, let’s highlight the main thing that should be paid attention to when optimizing a video:

Regularity. Publish videos at scheduled intervals. YouTube really doesn’t like long breaks. At least 1 video per week. Better — 2-3 pcs.
Video title. Add a keyword phrase with high search volume and low competition to the title. We find it even at the stage of selecting topics.
Match the title and icon of the video. Make sure that the title of the video is a continuation of the preview, and does not duplicate it and encourage you to watch it (with a call, intrigue, question, etc.). Read about how to make a good title and preview for a video in our article, the link is at the end.
Description. First paragraph at least. It should start with the main passphrase.
Tags (keywords). We put the main key phrase first.
Video thumbnail (preview). Draw a nice icon. The importance of the icon was discussed above.
We are deliberately not talking about tips, subtitles, playlists, end screensavers now, since we only describe the main optimization factors.